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目次 (Contents)

eyewhite 新着情報
What's New

コールセンター Yokosuka Call Center (New number, new hours as of Dec, 2023)
ごみの捨て方 Disposal of Garbage (New rules as of Oct, 2023)
粗大ごみのオンライン申請 Online Application for Large Garbage Collection (New URL as of Nov, 2023)
国際平和ポスター・標語コンクール International Peace Poster and Slogan Contest Exhibition (Feb 5-9, 2024)


med 命を守るために
 Staying Safe

多言語119番 119 Emergency Call Multi-Language Service
家での火事を防ぐために  Fire Prevention Tips
住宅用火災警報器 Residential Fire Alarms
防災情報メールサービス Disaster Prevention Information Email Service
外国人のための防災講座 Disaster Prevention Course Video
その他の安全についての情報 Other Safety Information
新型コロナウイルスについてのページ COVID-19 Web Page

home より良い暮らしのために
 Useful Living Information

外国人住民からよくある質問 FAQ from Foreign Residents
外国人生活相談 Counseling for Foreigners
ごみの捨て方 Disposal of Garbage (NEW!! As of 11/16/2023)
粗大ごみのオンライン申請 Online Application for Large Garbage Collection (NEW!! As of 11/16/2023)
外国人のための生活ガイドブック Guide for Residents
日本語会話サロン  Japanese Conversation Classes
犬に関する手続き City Rules for Owning a Dog
小学生の放課後児童クラブ After-school Club for Elementary School Students
市ウェブサイトの自動翻訳 City Website Automatic Translation Service
コールセンター Yokosuka Call Center (NEW!! as of Dec, 2023)
問い合わせ Contact


beachiconEvent and Tourism Information

ウェブサイト・観光ガイド Websites and Travel Guides
フェイスブックによる観光情報 Facebook - Yokosuka Travel Guide
国際交流員のインスタグラム Instagram - Official Coordinator of International Relations Account
LINEによる情報配信 LINE - Local Events and Opportunities
横須賀市のプロモーション動画 Yokosuka Promotional Video

- Staying Safe -

(119 Emergency Call Multi-Language Service)

It is possible to call for an ambulance or fire truck from Yokosuka City, Miura City, and Hayama Town in multiple languages. If there is a fire or major injury, and you need help, call 119.


(Available Languages)
English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, German, French, Italian, Russian, Malay, Burmese, Khmer, Mongolian

Click here(PDF:102KB) for details on how to make a call. 

(Fire Prevention Tips)


Around half of the fire incidents that occur are residential fires. Fires can be caused by a moment of carelessness. Please be careful when using fire for household activities and properly handle electronics. Check here for more information on how to prevent fires from happening.

(Residential Fire Alarms)


Every home is required to have residential fire alarms installed.
Install them to protect your family and property. Click here for details.

(Disaster Prevention Information Email Service)


Sign up for the Disaster Prevention Information Email Service to have emergency weather information in Yokosuka sent directly to your computer or mobile phone.

(Disaster Prevention Course Video) 


Watch this video to learn about what to do in the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake. 


(Other Safety Information)

- Useful Living Information -

(FAQ from Foreign Residents)


Click here for FAQ from foreign residents.

(Counseling for Foreigners)

A free life counseling service provided to those who are having trouble and need advice. Click here for more information.

(Disposal of Garbage)

There are four categories of garbage that are collected weekly:

1) Burnable

2) Cans, bottles, and PET bottles

3) Recylable plastics ("Plastic containers and packaging" is no longer a category as of October, 2023).

4) Nonburnable


Each category can only be disposed of on a certain day(s) of the week. You must put out the correct garbage category in your designated garbage collection site on its designated day between 6 am and 8 am. Ask your landlord, real estate company, or neighborhood association to confirm where your designated garbage collection site is located. 

NEW as of October 23: "Plastic containers and packaging" is no longer a category. Electric appliances under 50 cm that DO NOT have a battery can be disposed of as non-burnable garbage. CLEAN leather and clothing quilted with cotton or down can be donated on "community recycling (group resource) for old clothes" day.

Click here for an English flyer briefly explaining the new garbage rules which started on October 1st, 2023. 

Please see the links below for a detailed explanation of garbage categories (as of October, 2023), weekly garbage pickup, and how to dispose of other garbage items (such as: deceased pets, dry-cell batteries, ink cartridges, thermometers, used small electric appliances, personal computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, used cars, car tires, and more.)

Please see the links below for an outline of garbage categories (as of October, 2023) and weekly garbage pickup.


(Online Application for Large Garbage Collection)

The city will collect large/oversized garbage for a fee. Large/oversized garbage refers to furniture, futons, electric appliances, and playground equipment between 50 cm and 2 m.

You can apply for large garbage collection online, see link below after reading the following instructions. You can also come to the 5th floor of the Bunkan building of City Hall to apply in person. You will be charged a fee for each item. A bill will be sent to you by mail around the 15th of the following month. Please pay at locations such as the Accounting Division on the 1st floor of City Hall, administration centers, public service centers, and designated banks. 

When you apply, make sure to specify where you will put out your large garbage for collections (such as, "by stairs," "by the street," "next to my weekly collection site," etc.) as you cannot use your usual designated garbage collection site. Attach a note to the garbage with your name, contact number, and list of item(s) to be collected (you can write this in English) and put it out between 6 am and 8 am on the day the city will pick it up.

PLEASE NOTE: The city will NOT pick up air conditioners, televisions (CRT, LED, plasma), refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, computers, etc. Please click here for more details. You can also contact the Yokosuka Call Center (046-822-4000, available in 21 languages year round, weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm and weekends/holidays from 8 am to 4 pm).

Click here to apply online for large/oversized garbage collection (click the big blue button to start your application, see image below).



「Living in Yokosuka」(日英併記)


“Living in Yokosuka” is an English guidebook for foreign residents starting life in Yokosuka, and provides important information about procedures at the city hall or other information related to daily living.

(Japanese Conversation Classes)


Yokosuka International Association offers Japanese Conversation Classes for residents living in Japan.

横須賀国際交流協会 (Yokosuka International Association) 046-827-2166

(City Rules for Owning a Dog


To own a dog, you must follow certain rules and procedures.
Please read this flyer (English) for information about dog registration, rabies vaccination, and dog walking etiquette.

(After-school Club for Elementary School Students at Hemi Elementary School)

  • 放課後児童クラブは、仕事や病気などで、お父さん・お母さんが家にいない時に、代わりに小学生を見守ります。
  • 詳しくは、このホームページを見るか、電話してください(046-822-8061)。
  • The after-school club provides child supervision services for parents who are unable to supervise their children due to work, sickness, or other reasons.
  • You may also check this website (Japanese) for more details or call 046-822-8061. (The staff may not be able to speak English. Please be with someone who understands Japanese when calling or visiting.)

〒238-0004 横須賀市小川町16番地(はぐくみかん5F)
Child and Family Resource General Affairs Division
〒238-0004 16 Ogawa-cho, Yokosuka (5F Hagukumikan)

(City Website Automatic Translation Service)


The Yokosuka City official homepage will be translated into the following languages, using Google translation service.
Please note that as it is a machine translation and the content may differ from that of the original Japanese page.

このページは、Internet Explorer では使えません。他のブラウザを使ってください。
Internet Explorer cannot be used to open these URL links. Please use a different web brower.

English(英語) 中文(中国語)



Tiếng Việt(ベトナム語)




Bahasa Indonesia(インドネシア語)





(Yokosuka Call Center)

You can call the Yokosuka Call Center for questions about Yokosuka City Hall procedures, local events, local facilities, and more. Service is available in 21 languages, including English, see below.

TEL: 046-822-4000

HOURS: weekdays 8 am - 6 pm; weekends and holidays 8 am - 4 pm.

Some examples of questions we can answer:

  • What is the procedure for moving-out?
  •  I wasn’t home for a long time and my water was turned off, what do I do?
  •  Are there any places where I can get my residence certificate on a weekend?
  •  I don’t know where the library is. 
  • I’m not sure how to dispose of my garbage.
  •  I don’t know where to call about my question.

Not everyone in the call center speaks English; you will be transferred to an English-speaking staff. Please stay on the line and wait to be transferred. We can also connect you using three-way-calling to someone who speaks one of twenty-one different languages, such as, Tagalog, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Nepali, Thai, Burmese, etc.

The Yokosuka Call Center records all incoming phone calls in order to fully understand your questions and to improve our services.


Please send your inquiries to ir-mo@city.yokosuka.kanagawa.jp Include your name, address, and question.

- Event and Tourism Information -

(Websites and Travel Guides)

Check out the Guidoor sites for event and tourist information.

A dedicated English version of the site has tourist information and event news. Click here for English Guidoor.

The main Japanese version of the site offers tourist information automatically translated into several different languages. Scroll to the bottom of page for the full language menu (globe button). Click here for Japanese Guidoor with multi-lingual menu. 

Also, check the following links for the Tourism Yokosuka Travel Guide in five different languages!

中国語【繁体字】(Chinese Traditional)
中国語【簡体字】(Chinese Simplified)

横須賀市の地図(Map of Yokosuka)

(Facebook - Yokosuka Travel Guide)


Click here to check Yokosuka tourism information and news via Facebook. 

(Instagram - Official Coordinator of International Relations Account)



Follow us on Instagram to learn about local events and tourist spots! Click here for the official Coordinator of International Relations account @yokosuka.cir

(LINE - Local Events and Opportunities)


Add @yokosuka_official as a friend on the LINE app to get news about local events and opportunities. Official city account. 

Click here for more details. (PDF:3,501KB)

(Yokosuka Promotional Video)


Discover the beauty of Yokosuka through captivating images of its seas, nature, cuisine, history, people, and more!

撮影・編集 ©中村 祥一

(International Peace Poster and Slogan Contest Exhibition)

The winners of the 2023 International Peace Poster and Slogan Contest for local elementary and middle schoolers will be on display in a special exhibition.

Click here to view the works online. (Page is in Japanese).

You can also come see these heartfelt works on exhibition. Details below:
Yokosuka City Hall, 1F North Entrance Exhibition Corner
Mon, Feb 5 - Fri, Feb 9
8:30 am - 5:00 pm